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A couple of months ago a beautiful lady friend of mine suggested I get a tattoo. I quickly replied, “HELL TO THE NAH… I’m too sexy for a tat!” I stood steadfast to my statement despite her tempting response, “You would look even sexier than you already look with a little something on those gorgeous arms.” I can’t lie I did give it a thought but still to this day I am tattoo free. I am proud of my rebellion against the “tattoo army.” Tattoos today just don’t have that edgy rebellious nature it once had in the past. The tattoo has lost meaning and its true place in society, man!

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Throughout history, societies have used tattoos to identify groups of people. Sailors, criminals, and circus freaks all were identified by their homemade work of ink art. The people of the Polynesian Islands, Egyptians, and the Japanese all used tattoos for cultural and religious purposes. Polynesians believed that their spiritual life force was exposed through the tattoo designs. Egyptians spread tattooing and recognized it as an art form. Japanese felt the tattoos had spiritual and magical powers. The point is a lot of dudes throughout history had a damn good reason for tattooing unlike the geeks of today.

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In the US of A, those body decorations we call tattoos used to belong solely to an exclusive subculture that valued individuality. Punk rockers, thugs, weirdos, and social misfits wore tats as a badge of honor and identification. The “badge” read, “I am me and if you don’t like it kiss my butt!” Now tattoos identifies bands and tribes of losers and wanta bes. Every geek and their mother have a tattoo? literally. And I’m pissed! It’s becoming an epidemic and I don’t know who to talk to and what to do. I’m blaming it all on those damn Republicans! What’s next? Is George W. Bush going to have a Dip Set tattoo on his neck.

Lets go over a couple rules to prevent this epidemic from spreading:

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1. You must be approved for a tattoo. (Corny people should not attempt to apply)
Nick Cannon better not have a tattoo? I’ll fight him myself!!! Jokes man?jokes.

2. You can not get a tattoo with your name. (You should know your name, dude)
But you can get a tattoo with my name on it? Christina Milian how bout it?

3. Please make sure to maintain your tattoo at all times. (If you had a rose it shouldn’t turn into a tree after a couple of years)
Let me be quiet on this one!

4. Set a tattoo limit for yourself. (They are tattoos not a body suit)
I would tell Fiddy to slow down with the dates but he took nine?I’m going to leave that alone.

5. Last but certainly not least get a tattoo that can stand the test of time. (Don’t get your girlfriend’s name and break up the next day or vise versa)
Mr. Jigga Man don’t do it?unless you’re going to give her the rock, you heard. Upgrade you? Angelina! Why Billy Bob?he has two first names!

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So if you’re still feeling froggy. Damn it? jump over to your nearest tattoo parlor and get your favorite name, design, or portrait. Hopefully it will satisfy your need to tell the world that you are untamed and are raging. You’re out of control because you got a Chinese symbol tattooed on your arm, that means silly little man instead of your intended brave hearted surrounded by barbwire.

I see tattoos of graffiti and scripted names, mythical creatures, butterflies (I do love when the ladies put the butterflies on the lower back. :-), Jesus, Buddha, lines, curves, abstract art, and portraits. It’s all beautiful when it is done for a purpose and when it’s done to express your individuality. But it’s like a fade now. There is even a tattoo reality show. Come on ?where are my leaders of anarchy and chaos. You know what all I’m saying is everyone please stay in your lane and be yourself. You can be cool with out your name on your arm. I’m sure you know your name. Once again I repeat stay in your lane and be yourself. The year 2006 is slowly whining down, let’s try to start fresh in 2007.
—— By: Deyior Dunbar


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