25 02, 2019

Video: Staasia Daniels – Peanut Butter

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Aww... It feels so good when a plan comes together. Instead of releasing a typical music video, Staasia Daniels drops off a 'mini-sitcom' for her fan-favorite, "Peanut Butter," which was originally released in early 2017. Directed and crafted by Ashley Iris Gill, the visual finds the Toronto singer-songwriter daydreaming about a date with an admirer. From raw chicken to card [More]

24 09, 2018

Staasia Daniels – Everywhere

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Toronto-based songstress Staasia Daniels drops a new groove called "Everywhere," a soulfully-dreamy, sweet lullaby that embraces caressing, love, and affection. Produced by Xpress aka DJXP, Daniels sings on the first verse, "Where did you go, don’t you need my love, baby / I know you feel me thinking about you / I know you know the deal / Mutual feeling’s real / Come get [More]

23 08, 2018

Staasia Daniels Advocates Leaving Toxic Situations In ‘Voicemail’ Video

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In her newest video "Voicemail," Staasia Daniels is empowering women (and men) to leave voicemails and their toxic relationships for a brighter future. The song is a track from her latest EP Mood Roulette (which dropped back in January), and the Jeffery Sarkodie-directed video features Daniels hitting up tennis courts and convenience stores as she inspires others to drop their dead weights. The new visual follows Staasia's dancehall-infused [More]

26 01, 2018

PREMIERE: Staasia Daniels – Mood Roulette (EP)

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Indie R&B artist Staasia Daniels premieres her latest body of work, Mood Roulette, a 7-song EP juxtaposed with a multitude of feelings, love, lust, heartbreak, anger, and self-worth. The set is herald by the lush and soulful effort "Nowhere," produced by frequent collaborator Xpress aka DJXP, 5PiECE, and SLWJMZ, and and the seductive slow jam, "Peanut Butter." With additional productions from MXS Beats, Chaz, and Trappie [More]

5 12, 2017

Staasia Daniels – Nowhere

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Indie R&B artist Staasia Daniels taps into the golden era of R&B (90s) for her new single, "Nowhere," the first release off her much-anticipated EP, Mood Roulette. On the offering, produced by frequent collaborator Xpress aka DJXP, 5PiECE, and SLWJMZ, Staasia delivers lush and soulful vocals about being in the moment. Staasia's 'Mood Roulette' EP scheduled for release in January 2018. It follows [More]

1 03, 2017

Canadian Songstress Staasia Daniels Drops Sexy Heat, ‘Peanut Butter’

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On the oozy slow jam produced by MXS Beats, Staasia preps for a seductive night, projecting her lusty feelings towards her lover comparing him to the sticky, messy spread...

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