29 09, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie Mills Talks Iconic Career, Transition of Music, Michael Jackson, Favorite Artists, More

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Consider a list of singers and entertainers that have embodied a wealth of accomplishments for half of a century that are still producing timeless works and garnering achievements, and you will have an exclusive group of individuals that have made indelible marks throughout their career. Ms. Stephanie Mills is on that list. From her start at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre at [More]

27 09, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Tank Talks New Album ‘Savage,’ Touring, Aaliyah’s Blueprint, Acting, More

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Tank has been on the road introducing his new album, Savage, to the world. Recently, he brought the trek to a sold-out crowd at the B.B King Blues Club in New York City, and Singersroom caught up with the Grammy-nominated superstar after the show to discuss his new project, touring, songwriting, acting, and life in general.

26 09, 2017

Emerging Artist Mia LJ Tackles Drugs and Sexuality in “Ambiguous” Video

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Emerging New York-based R&B/Pop artist Mia LJ pushes her sexuality to experimental territories in her newly released music video for "Ambiguous."

25 09, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Sammie Talks ‘Coming of Age,’ Rick Ross, Overcoming His Struggles, Touring With Tank, More

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Singersroom recently chatted with Sammie about his new project, 'Coming of Age,' being independent, touring with Tank, working with Rick Ross, artists that stop being humble after money, and more.

21 08, 2017

[EXCLUSIVE] The Isley Brothers and Santana Talk ‘Power of Peace’ Album, Evolution of Music, Today’s World, Legacy, & More

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The musical pioneers' journey in the studio was a dream come true -- it was a release of creative tension.

2 08, 2017

U.K Singer/Songwriter Chanelle Gray Talks Single ‘Glass N Me,’ ‘Street Soul Music,’ Finding Her Voice & More

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London vocalist Chanelle Gray would like to incorporate another musical element called "street soul" into the musical mix.

1 08, 2017

Singer/Model TERAJ Talks Single ‘We Got Each Other,’ Transition To Music, Architecture, Family Support & More

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TERAJ established a successful modeling career, but music called his name. In 2016, he returned to music by recording a single "We Got Each Other" and worked on an EP.

20 07, 2017

Claire Renee Talks Believing In Your Craft, College, Dancer to Singer, More + EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of ‘Yes You Are’ Video

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Independent artist Claire Renee is a unique talent, who sings with a plethora of passion and vigor. Renee is a trained musician, who draws influences from many genres of music including jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and pop.

16 06, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Mali Music Talks Transition As an Artist, New Project, Youth Today, More

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Mali Music's positive energy is contagious, and his brand of gospel/inspirational/R&B always makes you feel good, like you can conquer anything.

2 06, 2017

[EXCLUSIVE] Eric Roberson Talks New Album Trilogy, Working With Glenn Lewis & More

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Earth is a completely different album from his previous albums because it's a part of the EP trilogy series, Earth, Wind, and Fire (Roberson will be releasing two more albums, Wind on July 21st and Fire on Oct 20th).

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