EXCLUSIVE: Boogie Lov Talks Being A Female DJ in A Male Dominated Industry, Her Inspiration, Relationships, More

DJ Boogie Lov is turning tables and setting good vibes at the same time.

Singersroom had the pleasure of interviewing her to learn more about how she sets trends in Atlanta by spinning the latest records and how crucial it is to have relationships with artists.

Boogie doesn’t hold back on explaining how vital it is to practice your craft, insisting it may make or break your career. As a female DJ, she truly sets the right example and gives us some stereotypes women DJs face that should be eliminated.

To DJ Boogie, it’s all about giving you an escape when you’re at an event she’s spinning at. She motivates others to be true to their artistry and themselves. Check out our conversation:

Rochelle Pollard: Where were you born and raised?

DJ Boogie: I was born in Arizona and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Rochelle Pollard: Who inspires you?

DJ Boogie: Pharrell, even though he is not a DJ [laughs]. He’s always ten steps ahead of the game, and he’s in his own lane. Some guys try to fit the box of what’s going on now and become someone that they’re not, but he has always been consistent. His vibes are real cool; easy going. He’s an all-around great guy.

Rochelle Pollard: How important is building relations with artists to you?

DJ Boogie: Very important! It’s like a rotation. You never know if that artist will need a DJ to tour; they can plug you in. Or a hot single —
You can have the new single before anyone else, and you’ll break it first. But if you don’t have that relationship with the artist, you’ll still benefit, but it won’t be as organic.

Rochelle Pollard: Explain to us how you gained such enormous amount of influence to set R&B trends in Atlanta.

DJ Boogie: I go for the feeling, you have to know your crowd. If it doesn’t feel right, then it won’t be a feeling people talk about later. That’s my whole motto. I want to put you in a feeling or space where you don’t feel where you are at. For instance, you may be having a bad day, but when you’re at the event, you’ll be carefree and leave it all on the dance floor.

Rochelle Pollard: Whats one stereotype Females DJs are given that should be corrected?

DJ Boogie: I just feel with female DJs (which is starting to step up), it’s all about the look. “We’ll book her because she looks good,” or “Put her on the flyer because that will bring in more money.” But at the same time, if she’s not good, she NOT good and the event is going to suck.

Rochelle Pollard: How important is it in your field to be consistent & ambitious in your work?

DJ Boogie: This is very important, that’s number one! This is something you can’t fall short or half-ass because it’ll definitely be noticed. If you don’t practice, if you don’t stay on top of what’s out, what people like, what’s trending, or a hidden gem that people listen to but nobody plays, you’re shortchanging yourself. I tell myself, if you do not practice at anything, you definitely will not be confident. And if you don’t have confidence, you won’t get far.

Rochelle Pollard: What legacy would you like to leave behind years from now?

DJ Boogie: I just want to leave behind good vibes. It’s all about being happy, being free. Not worrying about what other people think. I think we are in the age where a lot of people have the tendency to worry about what others think like how they dress and how they feel but for what?! Just live and be you.

Interview By Rochelle Pollard


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