EXCLUSIVE: Paris Amone Releases ‘Duality’ Album; Talks Versatility and Background

Paris Amone is a triple threat – singer, songwriter, and model – with big plans of making this industry a place called home. The emerging R&B artist unleashed his first solo project entitled “Duality,” a customized winter playlist curated by the soundtrack of his experiences in love.

Paris describes the new album as “very versatile” and “aims to please all listeners with any preference in style.” He keeps the project dualistic by giving a taste of his Caribbean background (Puerto Rican & Jamaican), so you can dance and whine, but delivers heartfelt lyrics you can connect with.

Singersroom had the pleasure of speaking with Paris to learn more about his new album. Check out the conversation below and don’t forget to download “Duality” today. This definitely will not be the last time you read or hear about Paris Amone.

Rochelle Pollard: Paris, let’s talk about your background. Where are you from?

Paris Amone: Born and raised in New York City; my heritage is Puerto Rican and Jamaican

Rochelle Pollard: What motivated you to begin to create music?

Paris Amone: I was a songwriter at first trying to become a singer, and I realized it’s annoying to sell your songs to people when you can actually sing them yourself. The people around me told me I needed to separate myself and that’s how I got into modeling. I realized my image is going to separate me. Modeling took a life of its own, and now it’s this transition to get back to my roots, now that I have everyone’s attention. I’m adding my truth to the whole appearance and getting back to who I am, which definitely is a singer.

Rochelle Pollard: What inspired the title “Duality” for your new album?

Paris Amone: So duality means a lot to me. A lot of the people who I looked up to since I was young like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and even Tupac are super dualistic. The contrast of music that they make is peaceful, but also they make songs that are right in your face and telling you the truth. I feel like that’s the type of person I am. I feel like in the world in general, dualism is an important part of who we are, to understand each other so that we don’t have so much conflict. One person can be who they are, and you don’t have to agree, but you understand the dualism in your connection. I try to incorporate that in my music.

Rochelle Pollard: What should we expect from this album?

Paris Amone: I want everyone to expect the unexpected. One record is going to play, and the next record is going to sound different. It’s not going to be the typical transition. However you want to feel today, whether you listen to those songs, track 1 through 7, or you just go to number 4 and 7. This album has a song for you. It slows down and speeds up out of nowhere. The album is very dualistic.

Rochelle Pollard: Can you elaborate on how this album will be very versatile?

Paris Amone: I have one song; I call it my R&B ballot, [laughs] because It’s R&B to the core. I’m really singing, no auto-tune. My R&B ballot can still play in the club because of how hard it knocks. But the song you may hear before it might be the most party-feeling song you’ll hear on the album. So it’s super duper versatile throughout the whole album.

Listen to Paris Amone’s ‘Duality’ below:

Words By: Rochelle Pollard


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