EXCLUSIVE: Dahlia Jovan Talks Love, Anxiety on New EP, “Thē Perj”

Dahlia Jovan, a New York-based artist, is full of soul and grace. She started off just as a songwriter but has now added R&B soulstress to her list of talents. Jovan turned her heartfelt stories into song melodies on her newly released EP entitled, “Thē Perj.”

The first single off her project is “Dead Wrong,” produced by Shamtrax; it tells a story about her relationship ending because of jealousy and anxiety. Each song she shares with us on “Thē Perj” gives her listeners a clear vision of relationships and the emotional roller coaster they can take you on.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dahlia Jovan to explore her artistry, learn more about her vision, and the many inspirations behind her new EP. Check out our conversation below:

Rochelle: Dahlia, you started off as a songwriter, and you’re now an artist. What motivated you to make that transition?

Dahlia Jovan: Honestly, I have been on the fence about doing it for some time. Pretty much, I was writing a lot of songs that a lot of people couldn’t sing. They would tell me to dumb it down, or my range was too high, or I need to simplify it. That was the vocal aspect. Then I’m writing these songs that are really in depth, they’re stories, and they are not popular. They’re not talking about shaking your ass and things like that. Pretty much people weren’t checking for me. So I’m going through all this stuff, I’m sad, I’m dealing with these stupid situation-ships that I’m getting caught up in. I’m writing a lot of records that are emotionally driven, which are sad, deep, and intense. A lot of people aren’t looking for that sound. So I got frustrated, and I said: “You know what, I’m going to put out this shit myself.” I’m going to put it out, say what I want to say, sing how I want to sing and not feel blocked creatively or be put in a box.

Rochelle: On your new EP “Thē Pərj,” you speak about your real relationship experiences. Was this EP a cleanse/purge for you?

Dahlia: OMG, I feel so much better. I really needed to get it out; I really needed to express myself and put it out there for the world to hear. It honestly started off as a passion project for me to release some things I was holding on to. So the fact that it’s out and I’m in a totally different space just shows me how important music is and how powerful it is. So yes, it was definitely a cleanse.

Rochelle: You have songs reflecting on the beginning stages of a relationship like “Northern Piers” to when things get rocky like “Dead Wrong.” Was that hard for you to deep dive back into those emotions & flashbacks?

Dahlia: It’s not because I healed from it. In the beginning, when we were working on it, and we had to redo takes, and listen to it, I’d cringe a little [laughs]; I’m not over this. But now I can listen to it and actually enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like how it used to feel.

Rochelle: Speaking of your song “Northern Piers,” you addressed having feelings way too soon. When we start jinxing a new relationship and begin to overthink, what should you do to save that relationship?

Dahlia: Ummm, I’m learning [laughs] and this is something I’m still working on. But I’ve learned if you stay in the moment, pace yourself, and pay attention to the present and not what could be… like if he’s not calling and you want him to call more, pay attention to what’s happening now. Try to limit yourself, as far as the expectations, and just enjoy the individual, instead of thinking of the future and the potential he has. All of those things get in your head and makes you overthink because I’m the queen of overthinking [laughs]. Also, until they prove themselves, it’s advised to date other people. Instead of putting all your eggs into one basket, you date.

Rochelle: In the future, what artist(s) would you like to work with?

Dahlia: Oh my goodness, I love Miguel! I would love to work with Miguel; I think he’s super talented. I would love to work with Brandy because I just love her voice and it’s been a dream as a child to work with her. I feel like I’m missing so many people, but those are the people that come to mind.

Rochelle: Who inspires you to continue to pursue your dreams?

Dahlia: I’ve been inspiring myself lately. 2017 has been an interesting year for self-care and me not relying on people to fuel my fire. I’m looking to myself and seeking a lot of inner inspiration. But, there’s a singer/songwriter by the name of Eric Roberson. He is a super inspiration for me to keep going and keep evolving with the industry as it changes. He’s one person I always look to because he doesn’t follow the trends. I would definitely say him.

Listen to “Thē Perj” below:

Words by: Rochelle Pollard


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