Boy Radio Talks Relationship, ‘Neon Romance’ Album, Singles, Musical Influences, More

Boy Radio is an artist who is not afraid to be tactful and delicate in music. The emerging singer/songwriter is striving to live out his purpose as a musician while creating and recording songs that will blend well with music lovers.

Boy Radio released his debut album, ‘Neon Romance,’ this past summer. The project is eccentric with a mixture of 80’s pop and R&B songs. “Golden Boy,” the lead single off the album, showcases his sultry vocal skills and penmanship.

Singersroom recently spoke with the sultry R&B singer about his singing style, debut album, single, and more.

Album Process for ‘Neon Romance’: The album was influenced by the ups and downs of a relationship I’ve encountered. It has been an interesting year as far as sound because I wanted to be so connected to my music. I am truly coming from a personal place; it’s a vulnerable state. The album process was pigeon-holed, and I wanted to make myself relatable to people. Everything I experienced in my previous relationships; I wrote songs about. It was just a big awakening. After the breakup, I wanted to remain optimistic and still believe in romance. All of the moments we spent together and apart, I used it as motivation to complete this project. The idea of “Neon” acting as a mood enhancer, and “Romance” as an art form that is both loved by some and completely avoided by others. So to make a Pop/R&B/Electro/Soul album that played off all of those feelings was extremely important to me as a reflection of current events.

“Bad Men” Single: The single was influenced by a family member; my favorite aunt to be exact. It was based on the relationship my aunt had with her ex-husband. She was giving her husband five years to change his ways and treat her right. I emphasized with the anger she had towards her ex-husband. I felt her pain and agony. It was like she was looking for a sign or an answer but no growth in the end. It was no change, no higher level of commitment, so if the people are not evolving, you have to move forward.


“Golden Boy” Single: The single was co-written by Goldsen, a French artist and we hit it off right away. We shared a moment! Goldsen is an amazing producer, and I am amazed how he can come up with melodies. On the single, I am letting the individual know how I’m feeling in the relationship. I’m also asking to let me know how you’re feeling. Your inner sense knows something is not right because you’re not getting a response, so things become more intuitive. You are sensing things that aren’t in order, and it makes you want to explore. It becomes more epic because you’re taking a stand. It’s like if you want to be here, please let me know. Be open about what you want in the relationship.

Musical Influences: I am a big music lover. Growing up, I listened to all kinds of music. I grew up in the suburbs section of California. But, I was fascinated with music from the East Coast and West Coast. Some of the records I listened to helped me find my identity as an artist. Then the music in the 90’s was awesome, and I felt like I was discovering more music. I am just so inspired by so many musical genres. I love Al Green, Madonna, Rick James, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Prince, and so much more. I was also attracted to their album covers because they were unique and different. And then, Brittany Spears is my Queen of Pop, based on generation. She was a pop artist who created a template for other artists to make a name for themselves. I consider her the “cream of the crop,” who continues to be fearless. I have so much respect for her and appreciate her contributions to pop music.

Radio’s Music: I can identify my music as pop, R&B, and electronic. It’s a given element that is introduced to listeners. All of these genres of music shine through in my music. I am not afraid to be different and break the rules. You can call me a rebel. On one song, I can make a sultry, R&B record and then work with a pop artist. It will take me back to my pop roots. I know how to shift gears based on my current state when I am making records.

Leaving a Lasting Impact in Music: I feel like I am an inhibited introvert. I am shy and very private about my life. However, when I’m expressing myself creatively, I’m willing to work with people who recognize my vision. I want to come together with the right people so we can fly and soar. I am a shy person, but I don’t have a problem revealing myself to people through my music. My goal is to live my life and make music. I want to get to a place where people can quote or sing my song word for word. I just want to inspire and motivate people. In order for me to do that, I have to be authentic, be willing to grow, and evolve. If I don’t, I wouldn’t be able to transform as an artist.

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