R&B FAR FROM DEAD! Spotify Gears Up For Season Two of Are & Be | The Podcast (Formerly R&B Matters)

“New name, same show, same spirit, and same soulful conversations.”

Music is a universal language we can all relate to and over the years digital media has sharpened the way music is absorbed. Spotify a worldwide digital platform has opened the doors for music lovers to connect and enjoy millions of tracks. Ranging from the indie artists on the rise to the chart-toppers, Spotify has embraced all artists and genres fusing it all into one outlet.

Spotify known for its music playlisting and behind-the-scenes up close and personal interviews with artists is once again making a shift in the culture with Spotify Original podcast Are & Be catering to the R&B genre.

The podcast kicked off Season 1 in 2017 originally named R&B Matters interviewing R&B artists. The podcast is co-managed by Spotify’s Global Head of R&B/Soul, Mjeema, and Spotify host, Chad. With the success of the “Are & Be” curated playlist harboring over three million followers the duo revived and revamped the podcast for Season 2 with the ultimate goal in drawing a larger connection between the podcast and the flagship playlist creating an avenue for artists to tell their musical stories and bring their fans closer to the music. With bringing fans closer to the music, Singersroom wanted to bring R&B music lovers closer to the source behind the brilliant podcast, Mjeema and Chad provided us answers to some burning questions about “Are & Be | The Podcast”.

SINGERSROOM: Can you break down for our non-familiar readers an overall synopsis of the Spotify Are & Be podcast?

SPOTIFY: “Are & Be | The Podcast” is the premier Spotify Original Series dedicated to highlighting the artists, songwriters, producers, and other creatives that keep the genre alive. It started as a passion project. We used to watch a lot of artist interviews, but most were very promotional and dedicated to the artists’ new single or album. We wanted to create a space where artists could give their fans a behind the curtain view of their creative process and what inspires them, without having to be bombarded with questions related to their personal lives.

SINGERSROOM: With R&B being so limitedly highlighted what is your tactic to attract listeners to the Are & Be podcast?

SPOTIFY: That’s the beauty of having the podcast associated with Spotify. Aside from using our social platforms and having the artists involved using their social platforms, we can also use the Spotify app to target lovers of the genre, and related podcasts, and serve them up the podcast and other related content that they’ll love and want to engage with.

SINGERSROOM: As two music connoisseur’s, a male and a female can you give your point of view as to why R&B is important to the music community?

SPOTIFY: R&B has a ton of history around it. The genre is raw, it’s emotional, and it makes people feel something in their souls that other genres of music can’t do. So no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe in, We can guarantee that your life has been influenced or changed by some R&B artist, song, or album.

SINGERSROOM: With a successful Season One featuring top industry favorites such as Tank, H.E.R., Brandy and Rico Love, what can we expect for season Two?

SPOTIFY: Although the name has changed (formerly R&B Matters), you can expect the same soulful conversations and the same mission. Also, last season we had a lot of “traditional R&B” artists which was great to set our foundation, but the genre is so vast. We are looking forward to sitting down with some “genre-benders” and also introducing some of the new faces of R&B.

SINGERSROOM: Chad as a host of the podcast what is your target in showcasing the entertainers you interview?

SPOTIFY: The goal of the series is to have a diverse array of R&B artists. It’s to introduce some newcomers, go deeper with some of the well-known figures who have been vocal about preserving the genre, and to celebrate the classic, legends that have paved a way and created some of the genre’s greatest hits.

SINGERSROOM: If there’s one thing you want listeners to take away from the podcast what would that be?

SPOTIFY: We want people to take away that the genre is not dead at all.
In many cases, the genre has developed new sounds and has become more intertwined and adopted sounds from other genres. But, there are still artists, songwriters, and producers who continue to create music that is raw, soulful, and emotional. That’s what R&B is about and that’s what “Are & Be | The Podcast is focused on showing the world.

Rather it’s R&B or “Are & Be” Spotify is delivering an experience for the genre’s lovers. Click to listen to the Trailer – Season Two: Are & Be | The Podcast. Follow and check out the premiere of Season Two airing today only on Spotify.


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