Inspirational singing duo, and real-life sisters, WeRRedemption, aim to inspire with their brand new single, “Fearless.”

The Philadelphia, PA natives have been through ups and downs from being victims of bullying and even surviving a bank robbery, and now their mission is to inspire and encourage people to never give up or their dreams but most importantly bring peace and kindness to the world.

The richly-textured and thought-provoking single, boosted by glowing vocals, calls for freedom to be fearless, a trait that many of us are scared to tap into. “Fear gotta go … you have no control,” the talented sisters chant.

“Fearless” can be found on WeRRedemption’s latest album, Finally Here, which promotes encouraging, uplifting and fun music.

Listen to “Fearless” below:

Also, check out WeRRedemption’s previous release “Unity”:

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