Will Downing – Look At Yourself (In The Mirror)

Will Downing inspires the masses with his brand new single, “Look At Yourself (In The Mirror),” the first release from his upcoming album, The Promise, due out November 9, 2018 via Shanachie Entertainment.

On the bouncy, horns-driven offering, the veteran crooner aka The Prince of Sophisticated Soul reminds us all that the path to righteousness as to our picking. The message is clear: you are the total sum of the choices you make in this life. To that end, be the change you want to see in your self, so that you can look at yourself in the mirror and be pleased.

In late 2007, in the very prime of his life, Will Downing faced an almost unimaginable test. A sudden onset of the auto-immune disease polymyositis threatened everything he held dear: his health, his ability to provide for his family, his musical gifts, and life itself. Weak, frail and nearly paralyzed, he did not curse God, but instead said a prayer: “Lord you see me through this and I promise I will give you all the honor, all the praise…wherever I go.” He didn’t turn away from God and God didn’t turn away from him. Twelve years later, Will Downing is a walking, singing testimony of the power of faith and prayer. And he delivers on his promise with his new CD, THE PROMISE, an inspirational album-actually his first gospel album.

Though THE PROMISE will likely be categorized as a gospel album or a “praise-and-worship” album and while those elements are there, such categorization misses the larger intent. The album is Downing’s heartfelt 10-song thank you letter to God for bringing him back from the edge of darkness into His marvelous light.

“In 2007, I got sick,” Will recalls. “I mean really sick!!! I was losing weight at a rapid pace and my overall strength was diminishing. Some of the basic things in life had become difficult-standing up, walking, shaving, putting on a belt, driving…being a hard-headed man I didn’t go to the doctor; I blamed my condition on stress or general wear-and-tear or fatigue. The last straw was when I was driving with my wife and daughter in the car and I couldn’t turn the steering wheel. I decided then to go to the doctor where they drew blood and sent me home. By the time I got home they’d left a message for me to go to the hospital. The next day I was pretty much paralyzed, with no use of my legs. After a few weeks of testing, they diagnosed me with a rare auto-immune disease called polymyositis. As I lay in the hospital bed, all hope seemingly gone, I started to pray like never before, begging for help and promising God that if he got me out of this I’d do whatever he needed and wanted me to do. It took a year plus of being in and out of hospitals before I saw any progress. And, yes, I was still in a wheelchair. God sent me angels; people would come over from the rehab center on their own time to my home to help in my recovery. Along with my friends and family, they seriously helped in getting me slowly back on my feet. Producers and writers would come and work by my bedside and wheelchair, making new music.”


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