EXCLUSIVE: Issa and Jacquees Shoot ‘Don’t Do Me Like That’ Video in Atlanta

“Oh, girl! Issa and Jacquees inside the store!”

There were mounds of high school kids surrounding the entrance to the corner store. Some in a line to reserve their spot to go inside and some off to the side chanting ‘we love Issa’ and some had their faces pressed against the muggy glass door to get the first look of the stars of the hour: R&B smooth talker Jacquees and Hip-hop artist Issa.

Although still in their early 20’s, the dread-lock duo are two of the best at what they do, when they do it – and their fans were there in person to prove us right!

The pair gathered off the Southwest side of Atlanta to shoot the visual to Issa’s new single, “Don’t Do Me Like That,” featuring Jacquees. While the song is rising to the top of the Billboard charts, the two life-long friends are having the time of their lives riding the wave. But, to no one’s surprise, it’s all work on set. There’s a unique brotherhood between the two that demands the attention of the camera and keeps everyone on the sidelines wondering how they do it.

Catch our exclusive BTS look & Photos below: