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EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Evans Talks New Single, Upcoming Project, Personal Life, More

With the release of her latest single “Switch Up,” singer/songwriter Tiffany Evans is bringing a new type of energy to her music and life. The 26-year-old dropped her single not too long ago and has been receiving positive responses ever since. However, with new music comes new questions, such as: what is next?

For Tiffany, “Switch Up” was the answer to a situation that she’s been going through. She recently revealed to the world some of the drama behind her past relationship. So, naturally, she wrote a song expressing her new headspace and attitude.

“It’s a breakup anthem. This year, I went through a serious breakup, and it was time to let it go. I was in my feelings. And you know what happens when you’re a songwriter and you’re in your feelings, you get wrote about.”

Produced by Rage and co-written by Tiffany and Go2, the song presents more of an edge than some of her past works.

“I went into the studio, and I kind of let everything out. I said to myself that the next record I release, I want it to be a breakup anthem. That’ how ‘Switch Up’ came about.” She continues, “I didn’t know what I was going to say when I got the track, I just know I was feeling a type of way.”

According to Tiffany, “Switch Up” is just a small piece of what will be featured on her upcoming project. “I will say that ‘Switch Up’ is definitely an appetizer. It’s more on the light end of things, she said.” Scheduled to be released at the top of the year, the project offers a broader perspective of Tiffany’s breakup and how she’s moving on.

“When I’m writing, I really have to be going through something to speak about it. It’s not that I can’t write without having to go through certain emotions, but if I’m writing something about me and my personal situation that I’m going to be singing to the world, I have to say that I’m pulling from deep within,” said Tiffany.

It’s easy to forget that Tiffany Evans has been in the music game since she was 9-years-old, giving her a career that spans almost two decades. And still, at a young age, she has many more years ahead of her. What we’re all witnessing is the beginning of her next phase and a critical moment that will define the rest of her career in music.

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