R&B Artists That Would Make Great Couples

What makes someone a couple? Well, realistically, a couple is defined as two people who are involved romantically or intimately. The two individuals are closely associated with each other based on the dynamics of their relationship.

Relationships are hard, and it’s not always easy to maintain due to distractions. Love has roses and thorns, in other words, it’s not peachy creamy all the time. Rap icon Nas declared that “Love is more about chemistry and biology.” So, can you imagine the challenges of establishing a relationship in the entertainment industry? It’s twice as hard due to busy schedules, maintaining a professional image, or continually being in the spotlight.

Many R&B acts can have a lasting relationship, some possibly leading to marriage and eternal bliss. Meanwhile, some relationships can end drastically and lead to other detrimental outcomes.

So, yes it’s hard! But, have you ever wondered why certain artists never hooked up based on their persona in the music business? Have you ever said to yourself, “They would make the perfect couple,” or “Stop fronting, you want to be with him or her.” Your mind ponders, and you begin to question what is preventing the two individuals from initiating the next step.

Singersroom created a prospective R&B artist couples list based on their creative approach, creativity, and artistic image. We believe these artists are musical soulmates, and plain and simple, they just didn’t figure it out as yet. Now, others can use our insights, or they can continue to visit online love hubs or an interracial dating website.

SZA & Bryson Tiller: 2017 was a remarkable year for multi-Grammy nominated artist SZA. With two top 10 singles, including “The Weekend,” and “Love Galore,” and 5-Grammy nods, her star power is booming. SZA is an eccentric and raspy soul singer who raises listeners’ eyebrows. For starters, her stage name is unique. S stems from the Supreme Alphabet and the Z & A stands for Zig-Zag and Allah. SZA describes her music as “alternative,” because she incorporates other elements such as hip-hop, soul, and jazz. She is a younger artist who wasn’t afraid to revive the genre, “neo-soul,” in R&B music. SZA’s music has no boundaries or limits, and it’s delicate, soothing, and tenuous. Bryson Tiller is another young R&B vocalist who promotes originality, which is why he would be the ideal man for SZA. Even though Tiller is three years younger, he is considered to be the “male R&B voice for the younger generation.” In many interviews, Tiller describes his music as “trap soul.” He conjoins R&B and hip-hop in his music because he views the two genres as a marriage. SZA & Bryson Tiller write their own music so they can relate to each other artistically.

Jahiem & Ledisi: Jahiem and Ledisi are R&B singers who cater to the “grown folk” demographic. In other words, the two singers release records that talk about the ins and out of love and life. For example, Jahiem and Ledisi recorded the inspirational singles, “Fabulous,” and “Bravo” to inspire and motivate their fans. Six years ago, Jahiem and Ledisi collaborated on the song, “Let’s Stay Together,” from Ledisi’s 2011 album, ‘Pieces of Me.’ The single was an album cut, but Jahiem and Ledisi showed that they were a dynamic duo. The song exemplifies the relationship between a beautiful woman and a thug. In the song, Jahiem said, “We’ve had some ups and downs, made a lot of mistakes, but we always had some good times.” The line describes the roller-coasters in relationships but through it all, the love is still strong and inevitable. They were magical then and could have been even more sparkling as a couple.

Brandy & Raheem Devaughn: Brandy and Raheem Devaughn are two musical acts that were introduced to music at a young age. Brandy’s father was a vocal coach in her local church, which inspired her to have a career in singing. Also, Brandy was influenced by the late Whitney Houston and stated that “Whitney gave me a dream, she was my fairy godmother.” Meanwhile, Raheem’s father was a jazz musician who recognized his talent. Raheem mentioned in interviews that music was all around him and he always wanted to be an entertainer. If these two were a couple, music would be one of the core foundations of the relationship. Brandy and Raheem achieved success over the years musically, and they can learn from each other. Brandy is an R&B icon who transitioned into acting, modeling, business ownership, and reality television successfully. But, on the flip side, Brandy hasn’t always been lucky in her love life. Raheem seems like a dude that can cater to her needs, especially after you hear his songs, “You,” “Guess Who Loves You,” “Queen,” and “Woman.”

Janelle Monae & Jidenna: Janelle Monae is considered to be the female version of Prince because of her style, personality, and stage presence. Jidenna is a “Classic Man,” who is known for his artistry and fashion sense. He definitely knows how to wear a three-piece suit as well. Jidenna and Janelle Monae would make a great couple because they’re close friends, talented acts, work together professionally, and have uncanny personalities. Jidenna knew Monae before the fame and fortune and her deal with Puffy, which shows his loyalty. She also collaborated with Jidenna and released the EP, The Eephus. The EP was released before Jidenna’ hit singles, “Classic Man,” and “Yoga.” Monae also signed Jidenna to her record label, Wondaland because his talent spoke for itself. Jidenna and Janelle’s friendship and professional relationship can blossom into a relationship. They can feel each other rhythmically, literally, and metaphorically.

Leela James & Guordan Banks: 2016 was a big year for Guordan Banks — he scored his first number one single, “Keep You In Mind.” It was a huge milestone for him since he is an independent artist. Guordan is also a prophetic songwriter — he wrote Keyshia Cole’s “Trust & Believe,” and John Legend’s “Who Do We Think We Are,” just to name a few. He was featured on Meek Mill’s “Heaven & Hell,” which showcases his versatility as an artist. On the other hand, Leela James is an amazing artist who continues to soar in the business. (side note: We recently saw her in concert with Daley and Tank, and she was loved). Leela’s early days as a singer began when she was an opening act for The Black Eyed Peas and Macy Gray. Over the years, James continued to recognize the importance of prominent lyrics in music. She became an independent artist as well because she required creative freedom in her music and didn’t want to compromise her integrity and dignity. James and Banks would make a great couple despite their six-year age gap because they want to make music on their own terms.