Keyshia Cole Is Ready to Date Again — And Her Ex Is Kind of Cool With It!

In the upcoming episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” Season 4, R&B star Keyshia Cole will be hitting the dating scene to find love again.

“I’m definitely open to being in a long-term relationship,” Keyshia says.

In the preview clip, Cole, who is receiving a hefty seven figure payday for her appearance on the show, is seen conversing with her cousin about going on a date before her babysitter, Ex Daniel Gibson, comes over.

“Anytime she needs me, I’m there, especially when it comes to DJ,” a supportive Gibson says of his Ex as he enters the room.

While chatting, the two began to talk about dating, which seems more awkward for Gibson.

“you got a girlfriend?” Cole asked to his reply, “I’m working on that.” She then adds, “Well, you should cover my face up, it’s not cute…” referring to the tattoo Gibson has on his hand of her face.

The two then threw some mini jabs about boundaries after Gibson asked Cole to cover up.

“Did I do you wrong? Did I cheat on you or did you cheat on me?” Keyshia quickly asks and shuts down his suggestions.

His excuse for the remark was: “I just know how n*ggas are,” but we can tell he’s speaking from a place of sadness and hurt.

“Don’t be a hater,” Cole says to close the convo before throwing the uppercut of digs on why she will not cheers him while they take shots.

Toasting to Keyshia’s date isn’t going down for Booby, but he is willing to take whatever shady jokes Keyshia throws his way — As long as she’s happy.

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