Brandy Reportedly Dumps Sir The Baptist After Finding Out He Cheated

After only a few months of publicly dating rapper/singer Sir the Baptist (and fans giving them the side eye), Brandy has reportedly given him the boot after discovering he cheated on her with multiple women, including his ex/baby mama with whom he has two children with.

According to The Shade Room, Brandy found out about Sir still creeping with his ex during the Essence Music Festival earlier this month when his ex showed up to his birthday party when Brandy was there.

Plus, in a recent Instagram live video, Sir seemingly blew off Brandy when someone asked where she was. “I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” he said. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

#PressPlay: oop! #SirTheBaptist was live on IG when he was asked about #Brandy– he had this to say. (Swipe)

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A source told The Shade Room that when Brandy saw that IG live video, Brandy was done. “When she sees red flags, that means it’s time to go and that [the video] was one too many. She would rather be alone than unhappy!” the source says.

Sir took to social media to address the cheating accusations yesterday (July 11), particularly regarding rumors he cheated with a woman named Alyssa. In a caption next to a video of the woman who he said is his Muslim American Sister. “… Alyssa is my homie… Smh I’m saved but if I liked someone I would be on her… man this stuff… is silly!!! … Let the cyber bullying continue and I’ll continue trying to do all I can to help those who hurt me…….. I still love you Hip Hop.. despite your intentions to end my career.”

There are also rumors that Sir is married to another woman, and Brandy is pregnant with his baby. The two worked on a song called “Deliver Me” from his latest album SaintSinner.

Brandy is yet to publicly address the rumors and drama, but on July 10th, she posted a picture of a stunning sunset with a caption that reads: “Dear God, thank you for my bravery and my strength. Lots of folks don’t agree on certain post but so many of them make me feel brave especially when people try and intentionally disturb your peace and my peace. I give it all to you… God Bless all including the ones that don’t seem to deserve it. #pureXpolar – please don’t disturb the God in me…..✌”

Whatever’s going on, it seems Brandy is centering herself to move on from the drama!