Maxwell Thinks Black History Month Should Be For Everyone’s History, Mixed Support On Twitter

This Black History Month, Maxwell caused quite the stir with his racially-charged tweets yesterday (Feb. 8th). In a nutshell, the singer believes that Black History Month should be opened up for every group’s history.

Initially, in a now-deleted tweet, the singer posted a pic of jazz legend, Lena Horne with the caption: “Including everyone in black history month is beneficial to all of us cause not all of us look a typical black…”

Wait, what?

Soon after, he posted the hashtag “blackblueredwhitebeigehistory,” and another tweet that read “There was a president his mom was white do you recall…?”

A Twitter user replied with a jab at Maxwell’s record sales: “This is why ya last album went paper clip!” tweeted @GeauxGabby. “Because the ancestors not playing that Kumbaya bullshit! FOH! @_MAXWELL_”

Went “paper clip,” though? Ouuch!

That set the singer off, and allegedly, he replied in a screenshot of a direct message to the poster, “Check the numbers bi**h.”

He also replied publicly to @GeauxGabby, saying ‘Now you know . . . this isn’t opinions this is press this is fame but i love you as i love all you mentioned below..’ #blackhistorymonth” along with a RT of her previous mention that she hopes he’s a part of the Prince tribute at the Grammys.

He later tweeted in an attempt to clear up his statement, writing, “it’s about all the shades of black that’s what I meant that what mean..”

Umm, what again? What does it matter the shades of black? Black is black!

Needless to say, Twitter had mixed reactions: some went in on him, while others applauded his opinion:

If Maxwell meant that Black History Month should include every ethnicity of black, it already does. And if he meant it like I think he meant it, someone should remind him that Black History Month is exclusively necessary because the contributions of black people are largely omitted during the other 11 months of the year.