Keke Palmer Talks Hair in Classy Photo Shoot For Mane Addicts

Keke Palmer is looking elegant in a new photo shoot for Mane Addicts. In the spread, the singer/actor/dancer rocks various hairstyles, which is also the topic of conversation in her sit down with the outlet.

On Wearing Wigs: “I definitely can’t live without wigs. I love, love, love wigs. They’re an accessory in itself. I love playing with them. I love short, long, colored, not colored. Every type of wig I have fun with.”

On Hair Mishaps: “When I was 17, I did this short weave bob. It was the most hideous thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so ugly, the bob looked like a helmet, it was very square-shaped but oval at the same time. It was terrible!”

On Short Hair Cuts: “When I was younger I was like ‘why do people cut their hair?! It’s so ridiculous! I would never cut my hair, I love long hair!’ But now it’s like ‘Cut all that shit off! Who cares, it’ll grow back, do something cool with it!’ I love playing with my hair now, I’m not afraid anymore…Today I just got a red wig, and I posted a bunch of pictures with it because I’m living for it! But I have another wig I’ve been waiting to make for awhile. I can’t tell you the color, but I can tell you that it’s going to be alive! I’m so excited.”

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