Mashonda On The Infamous Vacation Kiss With Ex-hubby Swizz Beatz and Wife Alicia Keys: “That’s His Wife”

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Remember that infamous kiss by Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz while they were on vacation as his newly ex-wife Mashonda sat next to them. Well, despite all the media uproar and trending topics, Mashonda was not bothered by their public show of affection.

“He leaned in, he kissed her—that’s his wife,” Mashonda told Essence. “It didn’t bother me; it didn’t affect me that people find that to be weird or awkward. It’s entertainment for them, but it’s actually real life for us. It’s a natural thing.”

Mashonda also explained how the newly blended family ended up on vacation together, insisting it wasn’t planned.

“We didn’t plan to go on vacation together,” she recalled. “I was out there with my girlfriend for her birthday and my son was there for Swizz and Alicia for spring break. We all knew we were there together on the same island of St. Bart’s so I reached out like, ‘hey, let’s hook up, I want to see Kasseem.’ We made a play date type thing, and I came to the beach and met them there. I didn’t know they were going to kiss.”

For Mashonda, the family situation became easy over time because she forgave Swizz and Alicia.

“Once you are willing to let go of those feelings, forgiving becomes easy,” she said. “It’s an evolution to know you can reach that point as a human being.”

Good for her!

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  1. hardtimz October 13, 2016 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    Perhaps to her it’s natural but in the real world, it was a little weird. I fully understand that was his wife, but so wasn’t she at one point?

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