New Couple Alert: Faith Evans and…Stevie J?

This tea is hot!

Word on the street is Faith Evans and Stevie J are…..”dating.” That’s right, rumors say Joseline is out, and Faith is in.

The two have Bad Boy Records connections stemming from back in the day; she was an artist, he was a producer. But they have been busy lately on Instagram taking a lot of pictures together, and the photos seem couple-ish. Rekindling old feelings?

Exhibit A:

Look  at her facial expression and where her hand is…that’s a “dating” hand lol



Look where his hand is….that’s a “dating” hand lol. Not to mention her head tilt says “this is bae.”




Look at how he’s looking at her:




In one photo, it looks like Faith is sitting on his lap:




And…what does this mean Stevie?? Hmmm??


I brag different!

A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on


But some photos seem simply friendly:




And a few months ago, Stevie DID reveal in an IG tweet that they’re working on an album together:




If they are seeing each other, this is certainly an unexpected couple. Neither one has confirmed or denied publicly yet, but could this be a friend/business situation-turned-pleasure?

In the famous words of Tyra Banks: Faith, girl…