Uh Oh! Chris Brown’s Publicist Quits After Being Cursed Out Via Text Argument

There are many difficult, stressful jobs out there, and one of them must be being Chris Brown’s publicist. As much as he spouts off on social media, cleaning it up for the public must be exhausting!

Well, the pressure must have gotten to Nicole Perna, who (according to TMZ) suddenly quit after Brown went off on her via text because he felt like she wasn’t doing her job when it came to reaching out to high-end publications like Vogue to spread the news about his clothing line.

It all began when Perna sent Brown a text praising his new clothing line, Black Pyramid.

“Loooove all the black pyramid pieces … awesome collection!” she allegedly texted, to which he allegedly replied “I don’t want you texting me compliments with no results. Get in the game.”

That’s when Perna went off! According to the report, she replied, “Anna Wintour doesn’t want to f*** with you. These editors don’t want to f*** with you. The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning s*** up and having your back.”

That’s when Chris gave the green light that she could walk if she wanted to. “NICOLE, you texting me as if I will give a f*** if u dont work for me or not … Do whatever makes u feel better. Me personally, I DONT GIVE A F***!!!” he replied, according to the report.

That’s when Brown looped in his then-manager Mike G (the one who sued Brown for allegedly being assaulted, and the one Brown recently fired for allegedly stealing money) via group text to “send this bitch her termination.”

Perna allegedly replied, “Chris, respect. You’re in my prayers x,” to which Chris replied, “Bitch u in my nightmares.”

That’s when Perna sent her resignation letter.

Sheesh! All of this follows two lawsuits against Brown one (mentioned above) regarding his ex-manager Mike G, and another from Suge Knight.