Gasp! Sage The Gemini Blasts Ex Jordin Sparks In Leaked Phone Convo, Says Relationship Was A Stunt

Oh, this is NOT a good look…

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sage the Gemini (Dominic Wynn) and Jordin Sparks broke up, and then Sage wrote a “please give me another chance” letter on IG. And if that wasn’t enough, now a recorded, 20-minute phone conversation between Sage and his ex finacee Curium Hurley has surfaced, and the things he says about Sparks, well, it gets ugly.

In the conversation (around the 12:00 mark) recorded on Feb. 7th, Sage says, at first, he and Sparks’ relationship was a publicity stunt, and basically called her crazy.  “Everything was f–king horrible…That s–t was f–king dumb. She got on my nerves. I wanted to stab her. All of that s–t. Don’t get me wrong, she’s cool, she’s level-headed, whatever, but she’s not no regular person — everybody on the outside looking in [thinks] it’s hella perfect.”

And around 21:09, Sage reveals Jordin gave him $70,000 to go towards a house, and that he frustrated becuase Jordin doesn’t laugh at his jokes, saying “she’s not fun.”

What!? This right here…is a mess…

This isn’t the first time Hurley has exposed Sage; last year, she publicly called him a cheater, claiming he tried to get back with her while he was still with Jordin. Hurley even revealed she DM’d Jordin to show her and Dominic’s text messages.

Jordin hasn’t publicly addressed the debacle, and I bet she’ll continue to keep a low profile after this!

Listen to the drama unfold bellow: