Will Smith’s Ex-wife Slams Gay Rumors — Comes For Actress Alexis Arquette (Video)

Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith’s ex-wife and mother to his oldest son, Trey, has a few words for actress Alexis Arquette and media outlets spreading lies about her former husband’s sexuality.

“Alexis Arquette, let’s just be clear: I don’t know you, and you don’t know me,” Sheree states in a 3-minute video released on Thursday. “So for you to claim you have firsthand knowledge information as to why my marriage didn’t work out is completely out of line.”

“Not only is it out of line, it’s absolutely not true,” she adds about rumors labeling Will gay. “And I’m offended, and I’m hurt that someone would be so malicious and reckless and destructive and use a lie and an untruth to prove a point.”

Fletcher, 48, who has shunned away from public attention, says she is speaking on the rumors because she had to have a conversation with her son Trey about the fiasco.

She also confirmed why her marriage to Will ended: “My marriage ended not over any infidelity — I didn’t find Will in bed with a man, I didn’t find him in bed with a woman — it just didn’t happen. Will was straight in 1992, and he’s straight in 2016.”

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