Grandtheft – Politics ft. Kabaka Pyramid

Toronto-based producer Grandtheft showcases his finesse on his new EP Quit this City, one of the album’s tracks “Politics” is one of those and features Keron "Kabaka Pyramid" Salmon.

The song sets the tone for a new sound with a potent message, addressing the stagnant growth in Jamaica and the large number of people suffering due to the lack of opportunities.

“We need some new policies, to be poor it is a crime but the leaders of the country love the poor they feel is fine / When u pree the time, polluting minds upon the streets, and down a Riverton dem put the fire pon di eat, / People find it hard to breathe, and now the school get so spenny but when we blame the leaders dem a gwan like them offended,” Kabaka sings.

Kabaka has recently wrapped up his 40-day European tour, and was one of the of rising reggae artist featured in the internationally-acclaimed magazine Vogue.