Compton Singer Gemaine Releases His Debut EP ‘Curious’ (Stream)

The past few weeks saw Compton singer Gemaine gaining buzz with his singles “Let Me In” and “Freaky,” now he’s released the project from which they stem, his debut EP Curious.

At only 20-years-old, Gemaine communicates relationships, heartbreak, and healing with soulfulness beyond his years. The ten-track set is full of emotion; Gemaine isn’t afraid to express his as he takes you on a love rollercoaster and satisfies your craving for true-blue R&B.

"I'm so excited for fans to finally hear my entire project and to get more clarity about who I am," Gemaine explained. "Thousands of songs are released every day. Just knowing that you're competing with that kind of noise is intimidating, but I believe in God and I believe that I was chosen to do this… I never understood why it could take a year to make an album until I started recording. There is so much that goes into it beyond just writing a good song – when you want everything to be the best it takes time."

Stream Curious below and purchase on iTunes above!