Lina Loi – Love Ride (EP)

After dropping her fun, Motown-inspired tune “Dip” earlier this year, Texas-born, L.A.- residing soulstress Lina Loi releases its accompanying EP titled Love Ride, a five-track project that continues the same, fun 1960s vibes.

Lina’s feminine voice and harmonies will take you back to the golden Motown era with sassy lyrics such as on “Dip” and “Good Girl Is Gone.” “Love Ride” will make you want to grab your sweetie closer for a slow dance while the groovy, driving beat of “Go Where The Love Is” questions the ways of the world in the name of enforcing positivity, even giving a Diana Ross-like monologue.

Lina’s been in the game since 2001 when she dropped her debut album Stranger On Earth which turned out the US single “It’s Alright.” Lina released her third album Morning Star independently in February 2008 on her label, MoodStar Recordings.

Enjoy Lina Loi's Love Ride below: