Did The Black Eyed Peas Bite Erykah Badu’s ‘Honey’ Video For Their New Video, ‘Yesterday’?

Erykah Badu and the Black Eyed Peas are two of the industry's most innovative acts when it comes to their visuals. So for one to bite the other’s style would be a foolish idea, or could it?

Erykah called out the Black Eyed Peas on Twitter for the similarities between her 2008 "Honey" video and the Peas' latest video for their new single, "Yesterday."

Both the videos feature Badu and the Peas as they patron a record store, pulling out iconic record covers that animatedly come alive with Badu’s and The Peas’ presence.

“I think the BLACK EYE PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol …” She then posted the links to each of the videos. On Facebook, she expanded on her thoughts, writing"…I'm gone beat up Will I AM. I wrote and directed this joint. Won best director @ VMA's.. So I understand, Pasha Shapiro.. Flattered. Cute video none the less,” she wrote.

will.i.am and the other Peas members have yet to respond. They say imitation is the best form of flattery…

Watch both videos below and sound off… Rip off or sincere imitation?