Niqa Mor – Defy

New York-based singer-songwriter Niqa Mor introduces herself to the world with her debut project, Defy.

On Defy, Mor unleashes emotionally-filled lyrics, even flowing once in a while. There’s an underlying 90’s R&B vibe in subtle nuances constant through the chill, contemporary production.

About the project, Niqa says, “I would say DEFY is a true introduction to Niqa Mor, and me really coming into my own. My main influence is 90’s R&B, as it’s what I grew up on and what runs through me. I was very open and honest during the creative process, and I want people who listen to this project to get a real feel of that. I want to welcome listeners into my thoughts, my feelings and my world”.

Previous releases by Mor include “One Step” and Conquer,” as well as some super-vibrant remix/covers of Drake’s “Draft Day” and Future’s “I Won”, and you may have seen her open for Omarion in earlier this year.

Stream Niqa Mor’s debut offering and tell us what you think!