Is Paula Patton Upset Over The Possibility of Ex-husband Robin Thicke Marrying New Girlfriend?

Paula Patton is said to be "livid" that her ex-husband Robin Thicke may wed his new girlfriend April Love Geary.

Patton, 39, and Thicke, 38, finalized their divorce earlier this year after nine years of marriage. Now, a source is claiming Patton is upset over her Ex's new "gold digger" girlfriend.

"She is beyond livid that he is even considering marrying this girl," a Source told RadarOnline. "Paula cannot stand April, and thinks that she is a total gold digger, but she is just keeping her mouth shut for the sake of their son."

The source continued: "What makes her most upset about all of this is that Robin and April have a sexually-monogamous relationship, which is something that Robin always said he would never have."

The insider also claims April has also won the heart of Patton and Thicke's son Julian.

"Robin and April already live together," claims the insider. "[She] has done everything she can to weasel her way into his heart, as well as his son's heart, and it worked because they both adore her."

Such is life!

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