Rumor: Did Nick Gordon’s Jealous Rage Result in Bobbi Kristina’s Near-Fatal Drowning?

As Whitney Houston’s only daughter Bobbi Kristina continues a slow recovery following the mysterious bathtub drowning on January 31, the mystery surrounding the incident has remained dormant…until now??

A neighbor of BK and boyfriend Nick Gordon named Debra Reis Brooks ( who Radar says BK affectionately called “Mama Deb”) is opening up about her witness to the drama that unfolded in January. Brooks, 56, told Radar Online that BK was involved with another guy named Duane Tyrone Hall, 24, a friend of Gordon.

According to Brooks, on January 30, the night before BK was found unresponsive in the bathroom, Bobbi Kristina, Nick, their friend Max Lomas and his girlfriend Danyela Bradley, 18, spent time at the residence. According to Brooks, Nick and BK “had a fight at 12:30 a.m.” After the fight, Nick, Lomas, and Bradley left the townhouse.

Brooks said, “Nick and Max left and went out — that’s supposedly when this other guy came over to Krissi’s.” She added, “There was some discussion of some guy who came over and [he and Bobbi Kristina] fooled around — that’s what Nick said!”

Brooks, who is actively working with police on the ongoing criminal investigation, also said she had a hard time believing she drowned in the tub because BK was afraid of taking baths because of the way her mother Whitney met her untimely fate. “It didn’t make sense,” Brooks tells Radar. “Krissi never took a bath, ever ever! She was deathly afraid of bathtubs. No way Krissi would have drawn a bath, no way.”

Max Lomas’ girlfriend, Danyela Bradley and her mother Marlene Bradley, also spoke to Radar about their view of the incident.

Marlene said that prior to BK being found in the bathtub her daughter Danyela heard Nick screaming and yelling. “Nick was the last person to see [Bobbi Kristina] alive,” she said. Brooks added, “It haunts me,” Brooks says. “Damn it, why didn’t I knock on their door? I wanted to help her and save her.”

If true, the angle that Gordon flew into a jealous rage over the fact that BK could have been seeing another man makes sense, and could be the thing law enforcement uses against him. It doesn’t look good for Nick…