Report: Bobbi Kristina Is Off Life Support and Breathing on Her Own

When it comes to Bobbi Kristina updates, there's good news!

According to TMZ, the Houston family tells them that Bobbi Kristina is now breathing on her own without the help of a ventilator. They say, "According to the doctors she's breathing on her own but the trach has to stay."

However, they remain sober about her recovery; they say it’s still a long shot if she’ll recover, and if she does, her quality of life will have significantly diminished. A statement by Bobby Brown’s lawyer, Christopher Brown, states, "Doctors have indicated that she will have a long life. However, Bobbi Kristina is presently embarking on a rehabilitation process and the quality of her life will not be known for years to come."

Brown’s pregnant wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown added in the statement, "she opened her eyes, and started a rehabilitation that will be long and hard. We will hold on to all the blessings GOD gives us to help her at this time and we look forward to her having a relationship with her unborn sister as our family grows in love and faith.”

This news comes after Bobby Brown announced at a Texas concert over the weekend that his daughter is “awake.”