Lauriana Mae – City of Diamonds (EP)

New Jersey songstress/Atlantic Record signee Lauriana Mae has released a new EP called City Of Diamonds, a follow up to 2011’s Love Mae EP.

The short set is five tracks of solid writing, vocals, and production. On the bluesy tune “NYPD Blues,” Lauriana compares an oppressive person in her life to the corrupt ways of the men in uniform, specifically the NYPD: “Always on my a** about something, never satisfied,” she sings.

Her collab with B.o.B is also a highlight, using a sample of Avant and Keke Wyatt’s “Nothing in This World” for her sensual, smoke-filled wordplay (the two have collabed before on his 2013 song “Chandelier”). The title track reflects on the struggles of standing out in city life: “When you live in the city of diamonds, it’s hard to shine / When you live under a rock, it’s hard to climb,” she sings.

Enjoy below!