Mishon – Unreleased

Actor/singer Mishon is on a mission, and that’s to bring heat when it comes to his music. He’s been in the lab lately going hard in the booth. In a series of seven tracks uploaded to his Soundcloud page, Mishon released scrapped songs from his upcoming project The Truth.

The first track “If It Was Your Heart” has some fly 90s vibes thanks to Jermaine Dupri’s production and Mishon’s melodies. The 90s theme continues on “Be Mine” as Dupri utilizes Case's 1996 Foxy Brown-assisted hit "Touch Me, Tease Me." Dupri also assists on the production creds on “Missing You," a hearty, emotional slow jam and “Love Train” is a hip, groove that has the singer calling all aboard the for a sensual night ride. Plus, the crooner always delivers vocally!

“Give me your honest opinion on how you think the album was coming,” he captions with the tunes. Well, it sounds like he’s on the right track!

Stream and get a taste of Mishon's burgeoning "mission" towards The Truth