Jessie J Wants to Marry Luke James… One Day

Jessie J is serious about her new boyfriend, R&B singer-songwriter Luke James.

The "Bang Bang" hitmaker and James have only been dating for five months, but she is love-struck, telling UK’s Daily star, “I am so in love with him.”

Apparently, Jessie always had her eye on James.

“He was booked to support me on tour before we even met. That's how much I loved him as an artist,” she adds, “That's before I met him and thought 'I want you to be my husband one day'. It has only been five months but it feels right.”

Jessie has been very open about her relationship with James, documenting some of their journey via her Instagram page.

She adds about being open with love: “Previously I was in a three-year relationship in secret and by the end I just wanted to experience love like everyone else does. I didn't want to hide any more.”

She continued: “Then when I met Luke I said: 'You're famous, I'm famous. If we don't take control of this ourselves and make it a public thing and own it instead of trying to hide it, then it won't work'. One thing I have learned the most about myself is that I need to put myself before other people and I don't do that.”

Love is undeniable!

Check out more photos of the happy couple…

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