Atlanta Duo Wilson Wright Takes Us To School on ‘Lessons Learned’ LP

Wilson Wright is a soulful Atlanta-based duo comprised of producer/guitarist Evan Wilson and singer/songwriter Kuji Wright who refuse to be held hostage by a singular genre. Their debut solo project Lessons Learned is a refreshing offering, 10 tracks of easy listening.

Each song is like a memory in hindsight about a past relatonship or life lesson, expressed without all the bells and whistles of mega digitized production; rather each song sounds like a live performance in a café as the live instrumentation, heartfelt, sensual lyrics, Wright’s vocals, and Wilson’s guitar take center stage.

Wilson intros “Stop And Go” with a guitar reprise on “Interlude,” both are satisfying grooves about debating on whether a relationship should end. On “Body Language,” Wright sings in a few tongues to get his point across about wanting a more physical form of communication. “Yesterday (Live For Today)” is a pick-me-up and a reminder to take one day at a time.

You gon' learn today, this is great stuff here! Get schooled by Wilson Wright by streaming below and be sure to purchase on iTunes above!