Omarion Breaks Up with Girlfriend Apryl Over Refusal to Give Son DNA Test?

Uh oh…there’s trouble in paradise for Omarion.

After gushing to the world earlier this year that his longtime girlfriend Apryl was expecting and he was prepping to welcome his first child, his social media lit up with O beaming as a new parent to son Megaa. He even penned an open letter to the mother of his child, thanking her for carrying his legacy.

But now, it may be that little Megaa may not be the one to carry his bloodline legacy. According to, Omarion’s mother has been spreading doubts that the baby doesn’t look like her son, saying he looks "biracial," mentioning that Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is Mexican (the baby DOES look different than O, but that’s none of our business, though.) However, all things being fair, Apryl looks to be biracial herself.

The things his mother’s been telling him has slowly crept into Omarion’s mental state, because now he’s doubting the paternity. A source says O asked for a DNA test, but Apryl refused, so he broke off their relationship.

Juicy stuff, right? Supposedly, all of this will go down later on this season on "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood."

What do you think Roomies?