K. Michelle And Elle Varner Kill The Elephant In The Room

As we all know, there are two words that just don’t work great together, “R&B” and “beef”. After a few back and fourth social bouts, Elle Varner and K. Michelle realized that their rivalry had to come to an end.

The fall-out allegedly started over issues like style swagger-jacking, Meek Mill and alleged song theft between the two songstresses, but they’ve decided to put on their 'big girl pants' and let bygones be bygones.

The “Love ‘Em All” singer, K. Michelle, reached out to bury the hatchet by complimenting the “F*ck It All” singer, Elle Veezy on her new music video via Instagram.


I appreciate this. I wish you the best as well @kmichellemusic #fuckitall #loveemall

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“We may fuss and fight but in the end I truly love her and wish her well. This girl is talented and this video is f*cking amaze balls. Go check it out today. #Salute #love @ellevarner

I’m glad they got it together and was able to work things out. That’s important in this industry, but imagine the hits they could’ve made while in rivalry. I’m just sayin! Mad respect to the maturity of this situation though!