You Are NOT The Mother! NYC Woman Claims She’s Baby Blue’s Biological Mother?

Update (8/15/2014 at 11:50AM): This lady is reportedly not sane. She sued the U.S. government for $5 million, and according to the official document, Barack Obama and company are "claiming [she is] an AWOL Congresswoman."


Well this is a crazy story: those conspiracy theorists who claimed Beyonce was never pregnant may use this as ammunition to their speculations…

According to, a NY woman named Tina Seals is filed a maternal lawsuit against Beyoncé claiming she "believes" she’s Blue Ivy Carter’s biological mother. Court docs say Seals is seeking "to verify whether she is the biological mother." We assume this means she wants to take a DNA test to prove maternity.

To verify WHETHER? Plus she never mentions surrogacy. Could this whole story be fiction to simply stir up more talk amid rumors of the alleged marriage problems the power couple have been having? Plus, Blue looks TOO much like both Bey and Jay NOT to be their child!!