On The Rebound: Are Ariana Grande and Big Sean An Item?

Oh, the pull of the rebound…

After all this time spent together by being on three of Ariana’s songs (“Right There,” “Problem,” and an upcoming song called “Best Mistake”), Big Sean might be falling for the 21-year old singer, and Ariana likewise for the 26-year-old rapper.

They’ve been traveling together in promotion for the hit song, and both have recently publicly ended relationships; Big Sean’s ex-fiance Naya Rivera just got married to Ryan Dorsey only two months after calling off her and Big Sean’s engagement, and Ariana allegedly ended her relationship with 19-year-old Australian comedian Jai Brooks after he wasn’t there for her when she lost her grandfather.

On Aug 3rd, Ariana and Sean were spotted leaving a movie theater arm in arm, which may sound innocent enough. But another movie-goer named Mohammed AlNashmi tweeted : “@ArianaGrande @BigSean “haha :) they were kissing each other all movie long behind me :p.” The tweet has since been deleted, but the insider went on the defense to answer those who accused him as just starting stuff:

"For the people that say im starting drama, id dint mean for this to spread. And if you don't believe that it was them, I'm not forcing or asking ANYONE to believe me. This is my twitter I tweet whatever I want so stop with all this drama," the insider said after deleting the post.

And of course another source close to Grande denied the rumors, telling Hollywood Life, "They've been really great friends for the past three years. Her mom is like his mom. [The dating rumors are] totally not true."

The fact that they were seeing each other on the promotion circuit frequently and both in vulnerable positions makes it totally plausible that they would gravitate towards each other….time will tell!