Is Aaliyah’s Family Planning A Second Film For the Big Screen?

So if you’ve been following along, Lifetime’s biopic about the late singer Aaliyah Houghton is moving ahead after much opposition from her family and fans, as well as cast and production changes (starring actress Alexandra Shipp and produced by Wendy Williams).

If you recall, Aaliyah’s cousin Jomo Hankerson, who was a part of her label Blackground Records, has been outspoken about not being contacted about or involved in the production. “They are basing the story on the book but the interviews in the book were more in conjunction with the album that came out at the time. It didn’t include her life. Our real problem is you can have conversations with us…we’re still around,” Hankerson told the Tom Joyer Morning show.

But is exclusively reporting that the Houghton family is getting a chance to tell their version of Aaliyah’s life in another movie…for the big screen! According to the online magazine, the film is slated to hit theaters in late 2015 and will star singer/actress B. Simone (pictured above), who has famously starred in an Aaliyah tribute video. Reportedly, unreleased music will be used, and actors Terrance Howard and Wood Harris are being courted for the supporting cast. Author Zane is reported to be writing the script.

A source close to the production tells them, “We’re in a position where we can do the feature film and we can do the music. I think if we do our due-diligence, people will watch the TV movie and still say, ‘I need to see the feature film.’”

Two films in one year?? If true, this may truly be getting out of hand. Sound off, Roomies…