Oh Really? Lovechild of Pebbles and El DeBarge Prepping Tell-All Book?

What does singer El Debarge and former singer/exec Pebbles (b. Perri McKissack) have in common? Apparently, a secret love child… and if you’re like us, you had no idea, because allegedly, neither one is claiming him!

So here’s the tea: Back in the early 90s, it’s being said that Pebbles and DeBarge had a fling resulting in the birth of Sebastian “Tian” McKissack, who’s now 20 years old and a tattoo artist in Oakland (do the math, that would make their affair haven taken place during her marriage to L.A. Reid (whom she divorced in 1996…#scandal).

Back in November 2013 (shortly after the TLC movie debuted) Sebastian told HollywoodStreeking.com (HSK) that’s he’s Pebbles’ “unacknowledged” son, but named his father as being a “pediatrician who died last year.” “She [Pebbles] came to my 10th birthday party … that’s about it. But we did have frequent phone conversations, so I’ve known her all my life,” he tells HSK. He continues, “I was raised by my grandmother (Perri’s mom). I was well taken care of, I wasn’t poor.”

But in February, DeBarge’s mother Etterlene DeBarge allegedly contacted HSK to clear up the “truth” about Sebastian’s real father, revealing that it’s her son Eldra (El) DeBarge. Here’s the letter:

“I’m informing you that the story you put out about Sebastian Mckissack is not completely true! Yes, Perri is his mother but he is telling a bold faced lie about his dad. He is my son. Yes, Eldra Debarge! I dont understand why he would sit up and tell that complete lie about his father because he was well taken care of. My son never neglected him and I made sure of that! Sebastian lived with me from 2007-2009 due to his behavioral problems so if he is saying he was completely neglected by my side of the family it’s a LIE! I’m sorry it came to this.”

Welp, anyone with eyes can see Sebastian DOES look like a DeBarge!

So now, RhymesWithSnitch.com is reporting that, since the cats out the bag, Mckissack is prepping a tell-all book called Deceptions of Achieving which will detail how he felt living as a secret, even addressing childhood sexual abuse. The book is reported to due out on Aug 25.

Chiiild…sound off!