Roll Out Another Paternity Test! Another Woman Comes For Mathew Knowles’ Coins

Smh, just when Mathew Knowles’ baby mama issues were dying down…

Earlier this year, it made headlines when Beyonce’s father and former manager’s sidepiece Alexsandra Wright was the talk of all tabloid fodder when she claimed she couldn’t live in $2500/month worth of child support, and she allegedly moved into a homeless shelter.

Now according to Buzzfeed, another woman, 30-year-old TaQoya Branscomb, from Mathew’s hometown of Houston has come forth, alleging she and he conceived her four year old daughter Koi back in 2010, the same year of Wright’s son Nixon. In May, Branscomb filed papers through the courts demanding Knowles take a paternity test. Branscomb is seeking child support and attorney fees, however unlike Wright, Branscomb is employed; she was a former lingerie model and currently works as a real estate agent in the Houston area.

And can we just talk about the fact that Branscomb is younger than his daughter Beyonce? (cue a Kermit “but that’s none of my business though” meme).

Ok, so who are you "shaking your head" at more?