Robin Thicke Has a Friend in Rapper Angel Haze

Releasing an album should be a celebratory moment for artists and fans, but for Robin Thicke’s latest release, Paula, this seems far-fetched.

Following his performance at the BET Awards this past weekend, the “Blurred Lines” hit-maker has been the subject of verbal attacks on social networks. Things took a turn for the worst when Thicke tried to promote his new album by doing a Q&A on Twitter dubbed #AskThicke.

Thicke, who has been campaigning to get his estranged wife Paula Patton back, was called all types of names like "immature" and "pervert," and those were some of the not so bad things.

Rapper Angel Haze, who was nominated for Best Female Rapper at the BET Awards, couldn’t take reading another comment before sending out a tweet on the R&B crooner’s behalf.

"just read the grossest shit about robin thicke. like shut up…let the man get his wife back," she writes.

We concur… not trying is failing!

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