Novel – Red Wine & Ambien II

To follow up his 2012 mixtape Red Wine & Ambien, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Novel returns with the sequel Red Wine & Ambien II. In 10 tracks, Novel creates a story of love interwoven to a feeling comparable to substance dependence.

It opens with the smooth, folky “You’ve Changed,” showcasing his tight songwriting skills on a tune about receiving criticism for the only thing in life that’s constant…change: “Mama was a strong black sista, she popped like a pistol / So I guess that I’m a son of a gun,” he sings in falsetto on the chorus. Also, one highlight of the set is his toned-down version of Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe"…mostly instrumental, empahsis is placed on the soulful chorus for a delicious vibe that's impossible to kill.

Stream Novel’s refreshing offering and hit the download button on the player for your own copy.