Kelly Rowland tied the knot with manager Tim Witherspoon last month, and only weeks after, rumors that the “Motivation” singer is pregnant have already started to swirl due to a few pics showing Rowland looking fuller.

Rowland is known for rocking killer abs and toned arms, but over the weekend, Kelly was spotted at a performance wearing a mid-drift top, looking fuller about the face and midsection. Rowland was also photo’d with Angela Simmons with a certain “glow” and a billowy blouse some speculate could be covering up a baby bump.

If true, the news would come as a surprise only because last year, when asked if she would like to have kids, Rowland said she wasn’t ready. "I like my time, I like to wake up whenever I want to and I like to come and go as I please," Kelly shared with E! Online. "I don't know if I'm ready to share that time with another person, I don't wanna mess them up."

We’ll wait for the official announcement…but knowing how private Kelly is, she may pull a Kerry Washington!