Solange Knowles Funky and Fabulous For GROUND

Solange Knowles is showing off her funky and eclectic style in the latest issue of The GROUND. The Asian-inspired looks, styled by Nick Nelson, sees the 27-year-old donning various unique pieces that reflect her undeniable personality and public persona.

In her sit down with the outlet, Solo spoke about launching a music career at an early age and her transitions over the years to her now current indie run label, Saint Records.

"It’s interesting that genres even still exist. How do you define pop or indie or R&B when the Internet gives us exposure to so much these days? I don’t see the point of trying, but it’s exciting to experience the beautiful evolution of music and I’m honored to be part of it," Solange States. "Even as a young girl, I listened to so much. I went through an angsty Alanis Morissette phase, and then I had an electronic phase, [and] then my Rasta phase. I would listen to Houston rappers like Kiki and Big Moe at the same time as Björk. I’d get teased at school but it’s great … that sort of thing isn’t questioned anymore."

Check the photos above and visit GROUND for the full story.

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