Cassie Rips Blogger Over “Disgusting” Comments: “You Are a Disgusting Heartless Human Being”

Singer/model Cassie made it her point to get something off her chest after a blogger posted some not so nice words about her. Currently fighting a case of the flu, the Bad Boy songstress felt compelled to hit back at blogger Sandra Rose after she posted an article comparing Cassie’s sickness to Peaches Geldof, a journalist who passed away last week.

Cassie took to Instagram and wrote:

“@sandrarose … A friend of mine sent me a bullshit article you wrote about me today. At first I laughed it off as always but then, at the end, you compared me taking care of my sickness to Peaches Geldof passing this week, asif that's my fate (God rest her soul). YOU are disgusting. THE POOR GIRL JUST PASSED!! Let her rest in Peace and don't wish death on me. You are not a journalist. You are an angry little girl or old maid, who knows? I'm assuming you aren't getting paid and maybe that's why you sound so angry?? If you are getting money off of that over opinionated blog, someone needs to start a petition for you to no longer have a job. When I looked through more of your posts I realized that you just sound like you're PMSing or maybe it's menopause ???? Whatever it is, I think it's in your best interest to go see someone about it and keep my name off of your disgusting blog. What really fucked me up was the fact that on your twitter you brought up@dkbwear who just passed as well, it wasn't that you reported it, it was your delivery. YOU ARE A DISGUSTING HEARTLESS HUMAN BEING and all I can do is pray for you. How sad it is that you choose to live in such a negative light. I always ignore the bullshit but you touched on some topics that are just so wrong. You don't deserve an opinion about society anymore. Next time I see you lingering in Atlanta club like a creeper, I'll tell you to your face.”

Rose has received her share of backlashes over the years for her post about celebrities — The most popular was her back at forth with pop star Rihanna.

What’s your thought Roomies?

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