Mama Joyce Strikes Again: Kandi Burruss’ Mother Says Todd Didn’t Want to Sign Prenup

Just when you thought all was well between Kandi Burruss, her mother Mama Joyce, and new husband Todd….

So as you probably already know, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur Kandi jumped the broom with Todd Tucker on Friday (April 4) despite her mother Mam Joyce’s public reservations about the couple’s relationship. According to reports about the wedding, everything went off without a hitch, and Mama Joyce behaved for the ceremony. BUT what really happened is that the matriarch waited until after the festivities to spill the beans on some info…

In an interview with TooFab, Joyce speaks up, saying she STILL hasn’t actually come around to Todd. "She's the one that has to live with him. I did everything I could do. If she's jumping in the river with sharks, she's gonna get chewed up,” she said.

She continued, spilling the beans on something that backs up her point that Todd may be after Kandi for her cash; according to her, Todd didn’t want to sign the prenup.

"I got a little pissed at the bridegroom the night before this wedding," Joyce reveals. "He kind of held up on signing the prenup and didn't come to the rehearsal dinner because he didn't want to sign it. His mom said she didn't see no reason for him to have to sign because they were in love. He was the one who didn't have a damn thing, but that's another story. But from what I understand, he did sign."

However, neither Kandi, nor Todd, or Todd’s mother has come forth with statements on their side of the story (yet?)

Joyce also plans to write a tell-all book. “People been asking me about one, so I think I will write one,” she reveals.

We detect some shhhaaade….