Casting Begins For Aaliyah Biopic?

Uh oh! Talk of casting for an Aaliyah biopic has surfaced once again, so you know what that means…speculation and controversy!

According to several online sources, model Bria Murphy has already auditioned for the part to play the late singer.

It was long thought that Canadian singer and 106 & Park co-host Keisha Chante is first in the running to be cast for the part, but back in 2011, she updated on the progress of the film, saying moving forward with the production has been put on hold indefinitely due the family’s wishes.

There’s a few reasons why we have to side-eye this rumor:

  1. The news surface two days ago (April Fool’s Day), so there’s one string of doubt right there.
  2. Bria Murphy doesn’t have much acting experience (it’s possible though…remember Jennifer Lopez in Selena?)
  3. We're sure the first to confirm the news would be the family, and they haven’t been outspoken as of late (even though in January, around the time Aaliyah’s birthday (16th), her uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson began tweeting mysterious tweets and posting promo pics about production beginning on an Aaliyah movie, but the news still didn’t travel).

So, with that being said, we don’t hold too much weight to this, but we'll hold out hope that one day a film will come to fruition, even though many fans would rather leave well enough alone.

Sound off, Roomies…are you looking forward to a film about Aaliyah's life, or should they just give it up?