Watch: Pregnant Ciara Moonwalks Like a Champ

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It seems Ciara is handling her first pregnancy like a champ. The happily engaged mom-to-be enjoyed a little fun with her fans recently, and even had us in awe as well.

The "Body Party" singer took to Instagram and asked: "Hey, guys, have you ever seen a pregnant woman moonwalk before?"

Shortly after, CiCi uploaded a video of her very pregnant self doing the moon walk with the caption: "1 Big Belly Don’t Stop No Show! #PLMoonwalker:)."


Ciara is expecting her first child with rapper fiancé Future next month, and he recently slipped up about the sex of the baby, which is said to be a boy.

During an interview with Tim Westwood TV, he said: “The baby's listening to music already now. [Ciara] sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She's like, 'The baby just listened to 'Turn on the Lights', the version with me and you.”

He adds: “I said, 'You gotta play the 'Anytime' for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that, see how he kicks’. She played it and he started kicking crazy.”