Barsheem – What Is To Be Major

If you've heard smooth soul singer Barsheem's music, you’ll notice a theme of love and peace, so it’s only right that he release his debut album on the holiday of love. The airy-voiced indie crooner released his debut album What Is To Be Major on Valentine’s Day, and you can stream here in full for your listening pleasure.

Barsheem aims to revitalize the sounds old school soul/R&B: He re-created Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye's duet "If This World Were Mine" and serenades on "No One." The effort has been in the making for 2 years, with him dropping the aforementioned singles along the way.

“As we slaved over chord changes, bass lines, lyric rewrites, mixes and re-mastering I never had the foresight that fans around the world would love and support this little album that could…Pure artistry and L.O.V.E went into this Pop/Soul/Jazz masterpiece,” states the LP’s producer Tauros. “It's romantic, emotional, spiritual and sexy.”

Listen to Barsheem’s project in full below, and purchase What Is To Be Major above.